Yoga is magic

Hi my dearest readers. It’s been a while, again, but I promise you I’m working on finding a balance between working and blogging. It’s not that easy, but I really want this blog to work, so I’m gonna push my limits.

As I already explained in my About-page I think inner beauty is as much important as outer beauty or even more important… When you feel happy, you will shine as a star. It is the extra touch that the most beautiful and expensive accessory can’t give you.

I started to run with Evy Gruyaert in my ears. Sometimes I just wanted her to shut up when I was running my last 5 minutes and I rather wanted to lay down along the way, but occasionally I really appreciated the things she said. She gave me pep talks, but she also gave a bunch of tips and tricks.  Sometimes I really learned things. Once she talked about yoga. She explained me that running shortens your muscles and yoga extends your muscles. So the combination is really good for your body.

body of a beautiful girl in a meditation on the beach

In September 2014 I started with Kundalini Yoga. Some people say this is a danger kind of yoga if you’re not ready for it, but for me it felt immediately good. Of course, your teacher is also a very important factor. My teacher is a very kind and restfully person. She encourages you to push your boundaries without overdoing it. If an exercise is too hard for you, you just do what you can. Nobody will judge you, if you can’t finish it off. And believe me, it is not unimaginable that an exercise is too hard. You train muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Kundalini yoga is good for many things such as a better resistance to stress, a more relaxed life, a stronger nervous system, a higher consciousness, a more balanced life, a loving and open heart, a healthy energy management and so on. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for inner peace.

For now, my teacher is Katrien Haerynck from Pavitar Yoga in Oostkamp ( She works with series. So, it is not possible to follow one lesson. If you subscribe, it is immediately for the whole sequence, because only then you will reach the best result.

Sat Nam




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