The battle against blackheads

We all have (had) them. We all hate them. Therefore I declare war against blackheads once and for all. A blackhead is basically a stump of sebum and dirt in your pore. Mostly you can find them on places where your skin produces more sebum. This would be the famous T-zone, but you also find them in your ears, in your neck and on your back (especially on your shoulders).

I can explain you guys all the different ways to remove blackheads; but I’m just going to stick to my way and otherwise you can take the highway. No, no, just kidding. 😉

No matter how you remove them, you always, always, always have to clean your face first. I’m using Phyto 5 facial cleansing gel. Then you take a tissue that you rip in two (we think of the environment) and put over both your index fingers. Then you squeeze that black bastard as hard as you can, because you need to be sure everything is away; if not, it can become a big pimple. I read that you need to use your fingertips instead of your nails, but I use my nails and I don’t have any scars yet. So, I’m not sure if using your nails is such a disadvantage. After you squeezed your enemy away, you need to disinfect your pore. I use 2 drops of Phyto 5 normalisante.

Phyto 5 is a vegetable (phyto = plant) product range, inspired by ancient Eastern wisdom (5 elements theory) combined with sophisticated Western technology. Movement and change are influenced by the 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The 5 elements together make up one whole. Any disturbance of the natural cycle leads to exhaustion, physical and/or mental fatigue. You can reach back total harmony by putting element by element in balance again. (

Currently I’m using a lot of products of the element ‘Wood’, because it provides a deep cleaning of the pores and it clarifies pigmentation.


Every morning I use facial cleansing gel, algoderm-base face mask with around 8 drops of Phyto 5 normalisante (it wakes you up immediately), Wood skin toner, natural pH face cream and Wood face cream – night (but you can also use it in the morning) and every evening I do the same, but instead of 8 drops of Phyto 5 normalisante, I use 8 drops of Phyto 5 purifiante. If I don’t have enough time or I just don’t feel like it, there is also a shorter version. Then I use facial cleansing gel, 3 drops of Wood phyt’ether serum, natural pH face cream and Wood face cream – night.

Once a week I also try to pamper my face with a very long treatment. Life can be so beautiful.

It also needs to be said that every 3 months I go to my favorite beautician in the whole wide world ( and she also fights mercilessly against the blackheads, for which I’m very grateful.

This all said, it is also very important to drink enough water a day to keep a lot of blackheads away. 😉


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