Let’s call it a Kiki

Here I am again, with a new ‘before & after’. This time around, Ellen, the lovely girlfriend of my precious brother Jeroen, served as a model. Ellen has a straight figure. In the picture below you can see she has straight shoulders, a small bosom and lean hips. She can basically wear everything. So, it was a delight to shop with her.


Part I: Shopping in Ellen’s closet.

There’s nothing more fun than to go through someone else’s closet. By doing this you learn a lot about a person. Like many women (including myself) Ellen has difficulties with throwing things away. It is very important you do so, so that you have a clear view on what you have to buy next and what you can combine with each other. A friend of mine told me a golden rule she read in the book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ of Marie Kondo: ‘Only keep what makes you happy’. And isn’t being happy one of our main goals in life?!

Ellen can easily wear a pair of skinnies, but she has to create female forms. Preferably she needs to wear a top that is close-fitting to the waist and then more widely to the hips. She needs to avoid wide straight T-shirts. If she does wear them, she has to put them in her pants and create the illusion of female forms (see pictures below). For her, a scarf is the cherry on top, because it also creates volume.



Part II: Shopping with Kiki.

Like I said before it was a delight to shop with Ellen. The only things she needs to avoid are vertical stripes and wide straight clothing. We went shopping for a dress, but came home with a skirt. Ellen can easily wear swirly skirts, because, again, it creates volume. Ellen looks radiant with dark colors and clothing with prints, especially prints that combine small and large images.






Doesn’t she look stunning??? I would say so. 🙂 And what’s more important this look costs less than 130 euros. In the pictures above she is wearing a skirt, top and jacket from H&M (www2.hm.com), tights from Dim (www.dim.be), shoes from Tamaris (www.tamaris.eu) and earrings from Bijou Brigitte (www.bijou-brigitte.com).

Hair, make-up and pictures are done by her younger sister, Annelien Jodts. She’s now in her second year Photography at Syntra West in Bruges. As an upcoming professional photographer, she’s a good listener and immediately understands what you want. You can check her out on annelienjodts.wix.com/japhoto and on Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/JAPhoto/280313365491549?fref=ts.

Always look good and most of all feel good!

Have a nice Sunday!



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