Jani Kazaltzis – my new bff? ;-)

For me one of the most genuine people in the Belgium fashion scene. I got to know him in 2005 through the program ‘De heren maken de man’. This was his television debut and although I wasn’t exactly excited about his style, I found him so funny.

In 2007 you could see him in the show ‘Mooi bloot’ on VTM. In this show he confronted women with their uncertainties. He convinced women of their assets and explained to them how they can emphasize this. He helped them become more confident. When the participant made a nude picture afterwards, Jani was considered as succeeded in his mission. One year later, he participated in the show ‘Celebrity shock’. In the first season of Benelux’ Next Top Model in 2009 he was the styling coach for the participating models. In the second season in 2010 he was a member of the jury. He also performed as a fashion consultant in ‘De dagshow’. In 2011 he followed Lien Degol as house stylist for Vier and Vijf.

Jani Kazaltzis2

It is later on, in his programs ‘Zo man, zo vrouw’, ‘Tour Deluxe’ and ‘All you need is Jani’ that I became fond of him.

I use the same philosophy that he applies on fashion. Every person is who he or she is and every person has his or her assets. Fashion needs to be adapted to someone, not the other way around. Fashion is not about having the ‘perfect’ figure. It’s about being happy with yourself and find the right things that highlight your strengths.

Since the end of 2014, Jani also has his own website www.janitv.be which mainly contains short movies about styling and other things.

Jani also gives workshops together with Angelique. Angelique is kind of the sidekick of Jani. What Jani does with fashion, Angelique does with make-up. She has more than 15 years of professional experience and is therefore on of the best in her profession. Jani will give you tips and tricks about how to apply the latest trends. Angelique will learn you how to put on basic make-up and to get the best out of your face. She also will show you which colors and products are appropriate for your skin type . You can subscribe on www.angelique-jani.be.

Following a workshop with both of them is still on my bucket list. So if you go, please let me know. 😉

Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite. 😉



  1. Jannicke, ik zie dat zitten om eens een workshop te doen samen met jou. 😍

    Wanneer past het voor jou?


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