Phyto 5, pure elements for natural beauty and vital energy

My friend Nienke introduced me into the world of Phyto 5 and I’m hooked on it.

Phyto 5 not only stands for looking great, but also for feeling great. This is the same philosophy that I apply on fashion. So, of course this works for me.

It is a unique combination of products with active ingredients and color and light therapy. Phyto 5 will repear your skin condition and energetic balance. Because of this inner balance the energy will stay in your body and you will have more vitality and charisma (


For my Phyto 5 beauty treatments I go to Cadans ( Sarah, the owner of Cadans and the person who treats you, has magic hands. She’s a fantastic woman who knows her craft. She’s also a good listener and advisor, so that is a bonus! I feel at ease with her and I think that is very important when you go to a beauty salon. She will give you honest advice and tips and tricks which apply for you.

The products are not that cheap, but because of their high concentration, small doses will do the trick. On a long term base you will spent a little bit more money as if you would buy ‘cheaper’ products. Believe me, it is worth to spend that little bit more money, because Phyto 5 is pure magic for your skin.

A small warning is not inappropriate: once you go Phyto 5, there is no way back!



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