Comfy Hanna, posh Hanna, hot mama!

Hi Sunday lovers! I’m proud to present my second ‘before & after’ with none other than my blonde best friend Hanna. I have to say for someone who doesn’t like the camera that much either, the shoot went surprisingly smooth. She wouldn’t like me to say it, but I think I discovered the next Belgium topmodel or should I say the next Belgium hot mama?! 😉

As you can see in her before-picture below, Hanna is a strawberry-shaped lady.
This means she has broad shoulders and big breast in relation to her waist and hips. It also means she has long, slim legs who makes a lot of women jealous, including me. 🙂

Hanna likes to wear clothes who are comfortable. For her job she needs to drive a lot from one place to the other. Sometimes she has to visit five different schools in one day. So she can’t wear very high heels or delicate fabrics to go to work. But this doesn’t mean she can’t pull of a feminine outfit and be comfortable at the same time. Because of her long legs, she looks great in a skinny jeans. Hanna needs to wear a skinny with a loose top to put some balance between her upper and lower body, but also to emphasize her beautiful legs. In combination with a blazer (without shoulder pads!!!) and small heels she looks very classy and ready for work.

In the pictures above Hanna wears ankle boots from Tamaris, a skinny from Selected, a top from French Connection, a blazer from H&M, earrings from Ben-Amun, a bracelet from Lily’s Life Little Luxuries, a ring from ZEB, a necklace from Kruidvat and sunglasses from Okay. Yezzz, like in the department store Okay. I was surprised too. 😉

Also outside her work she likes to wear skinny jeans. With the next outfit she is ready for a drink with her bestie (that would be me ;-)).

In the pictures above Hanna is wearing ankle boots from Tamaris, a skinny from H&M, a top from Scotch & Soda, a jacket from Pepe Jeans, earrings from Ben-Amun and sunglasses from Okay.

Hanna also likes wearing dresses, but she’s not a dress-addict like me. She can pull of tight dresses, but of course she can also wear the famous A-line dress. I wear the A-line dress, because of my hips. Hanna actually wears this dress to create hips. A little bit contradictory, but nevertheless true. In the pictures below you see that I combined black and blue. In the past this combination was a no-go; but nowadays you see it everywhere. I really love this color combination.

In the pictures above Hanna is wearing shoes from Les Autres, a dress from Vero Moda, a jacket from H&M, Divided; earrings from Ben-Amun, a bracelet from Lily’s Life Little Luxuries and a necklace from Kruidvat.

Hanna banana is dressed by me and I think we can all agree she looks amazingly good!




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