Happily everly after

Not quite sure if the brand name ‘Everly’ is derived from happily ever after, but one thing is sure you feel very happy after buying Everly. I bought my first dress at Lily’s and I felt over the moon. I wore the pretty dress in the picture below for New Year’s Eve 2014 and rocked it!


I’m a beginning worker and let’s face it I’m not earning the world. Clothes and everything around it have always been important to me. So I always try to find new, affordable and unique brands that fit my figure. Everly was the last new brand I discovered in 2014 and I can say with certainty that my first dress won’t be my last.

You can visit the website www.everlyclothing.com, but unfortunately only wholesalers can buy online.

Still, the pretty pictures make you also happy.


(Picture from www.everlyclothing.com)

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