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Originally I wanted to blog about something else today. But I’ve changed my mind. Now, I want to tell you guys about a happy brand called ‘Clinch’. This brand was born in 2007. They started with printed leather pouches and later on they added printed silk scarfs. The brand is a combination of handmade products, art, inspiring quotes and messages.


Why today? Why Clinch? Because of the inspiring quotes and messages. Clinch believes that having your favourite quote, personal message or art on either your pouch you take with you every day or scarf you wear makes you happy. Well, they are damn right. My precious friend Deborah gave me a pouch a couple of years ago. The following quote is written on the pouch: ‘I wish you all good things, but most of all I wish you courage. Whatever happens believe in yourself and go on.’ Every time I have it hard I read the quote and smile.

Believing in yourself and courage are such valuable features. I believe that happiness is something you need to create from within you. No other person should determine this. It takes a great believe in yourself to follow your instincts nevertheless what other people think. You need to make mistakes, learn from it and climb up again. That’s the only way you can grow as a person, how you can be a better person. It takes courage to take steps into the unknown. Sometimes you take decisions not knowing what will follow.  But I’m convinced you need to do this in order to find yourself and to do what makes you happy. Because in the end, it’s your life and you are living it now. So why even bother to do things that make you unhappy?

I know it is easier said than done. We all have responsibilities. But actually it is not that difficult if you think of it. Once you put yourself in the right direction it all goes easily, because you know what to fight for. You know that what your fighting for is worth it. Am I convincing myself here?! Probably. But I also try to convince you. I want to convince you that following your heart is the best thing you can do in life. It is the one thing you need to do in life. Easy, right? 😉

So far my philosophical ‘intermezzo’. Clinch is really a brand you need to discover, because I believe everyone needs a quote.

You can discover the brand on www.clinchcollection.com.

Enjoy your evening.



(Pictures from www.toldyouso.be)

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